Things To Consider When Selecting Worksite Dumpsters For Your Project

9 November 2022
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When you need a dumpster for your job site, There are some things you need to consider. Not all construction site dumpster rental services are the same, so finding one that offers the container size you need and allows the materials you need to dispose of is an essential part of the process. 

Material Type 

When arranging a dumpster for your construction project, it is vital to check with the construction site dumpster rental service to determine what materials can go in the container. If you are stripping the roofing off a building, the dumpster service may want you to separate that from other construction debris and require a separate dumpster. 

Some services require you to separate metal because they may recycle the metals but dump the trash. The rental company can go over the details for each dumpster with you, and if you have room on the site for several dumpsters, you may need to consider one for general debris and one for recyclables or other materials you are discarding.

It can also be helpful to bring the containers in when you need them, so a roofing material dumpster may only need to be on the site during the roof tear-off phase and then dumped and not returned to the site.

Container Sizes 

Construction dumpsters are typically large enough to hold a lot of material, but there are options to choose from. Working with a construction site dumpster rental service that offers several size containers allows you to tailor them to your needs. 

A job site with limited access may not have room for a large construction dumpster, so using a smaller one that takes up less space may be a better option. Sometimes, the limitation is the road or driveway into the site. If the truck delivering the container can't navigate the road with a long container, the smaller sizes may make it easier to get the dumpster in and out as needed. 

Discuss the options with the construction site dumper rental service to decide what size container is best and how often they can dump it to ensure you have space for materials throughout the construction process. If the container fills up too fast, you may need to call for an early pick-up, so it is crucial to choose the largest container you get fit on the site when renting a dumpster.

Dumpster Price

The cost of a construction site dumpster rental may differ from one service to the next. In some areas, there is enough competition in the business that the prices are similar, but this is not always the case. 

Before choosing a rental company to work with, call around and get quotes for each service you are considering. Don't be afraid to tell them you are checking prices because one company may be open to price-matching a competitor to try and get your business.  

Contact a service provider to learn more about construction site dumpster rentals.