What You Need To Know When Hiring A Crane Service

17 May 2022
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When you need a crane service to help lift something heavy, getting the right crane and ensuring it can access the area is vital. The crane service can help determine what crane is needed, but there are some things you need to consider as you prepare for the machine's arrival and throughout the lift.

Crane Requirements

The crane service you are working with may have a crane fleet that they can use for different jobs, but the one that is right for your lift often depends on several things. The weight of the load the crane is lifting is the first consideration, but where the load needs to go is also vital because the crane needs to support the load and reach the landing zone for the load while remaining stable throughout the lift. 

If the load needs to go over an obstacle, it is critical that the machine can lift the load high enough to clear the obstacle, but it also needs to have a boom length that will allow the necessary reach to set the load down on the other side. Sometimes a lift of this type requires a larger crane than is necessary for the weight but will meet the reach and stability requirements for the operation.

The crane operator has the final say on any lift, so if the crane arrives on the job and the operator determines that the lift is unsafe, they can shut down the operation. Sometimes repositioning the crane is enough to make the lift safe, but be sure to discuss all the details of the lift with the crane service so they understand your needs or can come to look at the sight to determine the best way to make the lift safely before the crane is on-site.

Site Preparation

If your work site has limited access, you may need to do some work to ensure the crane service can safely get their machine onto the site. This often means trimming some trees or widening a driveway to allow the machine to get through. 

If there are low-hanging wires over the site, you may need to contact the power company and have them raise the wires while the crane is coming in and leaving the area. You may also need to sure up the soil by adding gravel to the driveway or road into the site if the ground is soft and there is a potential for the crane to get stuck. 

Sites that are challenging to get to often require you to let the crane service know how you will ensure access before they come out to the site. The crane service may be willing to come and check the area before the day of the lift to help, but any additional work or cost to get the machine on the job site is your responsibility, so it is essential to be prepared. 

For more information, contact a local crane service