Why Your Crane Service Will Probably Visit Your Work Site Beforehand

25 August 2018
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If you're calling a crane service, you might think that you will not see anyone from the company until the day that the crane is supposed to arrive and be put to use. This is sometimes how it works. A lot of the time, though, someone from the crane service will come out to take a look at your work site first. Here's why.

Taking Measurements

The crane operator is going to need room to bring the crane in and to maneuver the crane while working. Since larger cranes can take up a large amount of space, it's important for the crew to make sure that there is, in fact, going to be plenty of room for the crane to be brought in and for the crane operator to do what he or she needs to do without damaging anything or hurting anyone. This information will help the crane service decide which crane to bring to the job site.

Looking at What's Involved in the Job

Of course, measurements aren't the only things that matter when your crane service is deciding which crane to bring for the job. They'll also need to look at the size of what they will be moving, the weight of what they will be moving and whether there are special concerns, such as if the materials that they will be moving are fragile and need to be handled with more care than usual. Again, this is information that will be used when the crane service determines which crane to send out to help you with your job.

Looking for the Best Way to Bring the Equipment In

On the day that the crane is brought to your work site, the crane crew will probably want to minimize hiccups. If the crew comes in blindly not knowing what to expect, there could be problems. By sending someone out beforehand, your crane service can prepare to bring the crane to your work site. The person who comes out might check out the different roads and paths that can be taken to bring the crane in. They may check for things like the condition of the road or path and how easy the road or path will be to navigate. This makes moving the crane to its temporary location on your work site easier on the day of.

For these reasons, make sure you call the crane service far enough in advance that someone can be sent out to check out the work site first. It'll help you and the crane service. Contact a company like Bogner  Construction Co for more information and assistance.