How To Prepare For A Foundation Of A Smaller Home

13 February 2018
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Pouring the foundation of a small home will need to be precise. If you are building a house that is around 1,000 square feet or under, this is smaller than the usual home, especially in a suburban area. Pouring a foundation for a home that you already have plans for means that you need to be as precise as possible so that you do not find that the foundation is mismatched from the plans and the materials that you have. If you are planning to be your own general contractor, here are some things to get in order for your foundation. 

Rent a haul truck

Haul trucks will help haul away anything that you dig. You may find yourself digging deep into the soil of your home plot. The haul truck will be able to load and take away any soil and other debris from the dig. It is best to get a construction-ready off-road haul truck rental that is capable of hauling hundreds of pounds. This means that the same truck can remain on site all day and make one trip to dump all of the dirt and concrete from your foundation digging. Being able to dig and ditch the excess dirt in one day will make putting your home together go much more quickly. 

Set up the wall frames the same day

Preparing on the first day and pouring the foundation on the next day can cause your home building to go faster. After laying down the frame inside of the foundation, you should also prepare the wall frames for the top of your foundation. Be sure to have the pins that you must stick inside of the foundation walls to hold up up the new structure. Foundation walls and foundation pens will be integral towards making sure that the structure is properly certified to withstand harsh weather and will not break down over time. Have these ready on site to insert as soon as the concrete for the foundation is poured. The walls must be precisely cut to match the size of the home, so make sure the plan sizes and the foundation walls match up. 

Set up cones and barriers

It is of vital importance that you ensure that nothing gets in or on top of the foundation. Since the thickness of the foundation is much more than other concrete boxes. If possible have a tarp ready that can be set up over the foundation along with roped barriers that prevent access to the area. This will make sure that no people or children get close to the foundation as it is curing and will not cause holes or cracks inside of the home.