Heavy Equipment Rental Issues To Consider

13 June 2017
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As your small construction company starts to take on new jobs and larger projects than you're used to, you might need to think about how you'll get heavy equipment to use for those purposes. You may not be prepared to purchase all the equipment you need, but renting can be an attractive solution for many of the machines that you'll use on different sites. Consider these heavy equipment rental issues so that you can be prepared for and satisfied with the equipment.


A stumbling block for many company owners who need to rent heavy equipment is that they think they'll also need to begin a search for a driver or operator. However, the good news is that many rental companies can send an operator over with the machine or if they can't, they can refer you to drivers in the area you can contact. Before you sign agreements with a particular company, do some research into the operators they use to ensure that they have the proper credentials.

Clearance and Turn Radius

Because you're not very familiar with some of these heavy machines, your assumption of the size and type you'll need might not always be right. For instance, if your site is too small for a particular truck that requires a certain turn radius to be available, you'll need to take the time to request a different machine. To avoid trouble, you might ask a representative of the company to come out, look at the site and make equipment recommendations before you make a final decision.

Cancellations and Delays

There are times when your construction site may be experiencing delays and things are not ready for the heavy equipment you've rented. In fact, there are times when having heavy machinery on site can cause more problems than solutions. Sometimes you won't know that you can't use a machine until that day. For that reason, you might want to discuss with your rental company how late you can cancel or delay delivery of equipment. They need to take the time to secure and load the machines, so they may request that you make any such requests well before they start the process of getting the machines to you. They may have delay or cancellation fees you need to know about.

Renting the equipment you need can open up a world of new construction opportunities for your small but growing business. Being able to consider the issues here and make decisions with them in mind will ensure that you choose an appropriate rental company so you can get your work done.